Lucky Patcher Download Latest APK V8.9.0 – [2020]

Lucky Patcher Download: Do you often feel stuck while downloading a game? Or do you feel difficulty in cleaning your phone and getting app licensing done? Well, most of us have been in circumstances where getting an application is not possible due to various conditions.

Lucky Patcher download

The conditions involve not enough space, backup issues or the cost of app licensing. However, you do not have to stress over these things anymore because Lucky Patcher is here to rescue you. Lucky patcher is a smart app which allows the user to handle the above-mentioned operations with ease.

You can efficiently clear up the space in your phone and make a wider space for apps to accumulate without difficulty. Creating backups is necessary especially if you have important files in your device. The backup is a necessary requirement for people who stress about losing files or require files for future. In addition, we often leave an app because of the cost and licensing requirements.

You do not have to make such a sacrifice anymore; you can easily get through the licensing process without paying a penny. Lucky Patcher, bypasses an app through a licensing process making it free of cost for the user. 

Download Latest Version of Lucky Patcher APK

NameLucky Patcher
Current Version8.7.8
Size8.28 MB
Total Downloads1 Billion +
RequirementAndroid 4.0+
Released On29 May, 2020

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Read This Carefully Before Downloading!

Google play often shows this application as a viral app and gives the user warning with regards to the download. However, this application is not a virus or a malware but it can be represented as such. To download this application from Google play, the users first need to disable the play protect shown on the play store. There are a variety of web pages that contain false Lucky Patcher links so stay aware of the scammers. If you are a blogger please only share the link on the official YouTube video or on your personal blog. This website is an official website and links shared here are authentic. Many users may find it hard to install the application, hence, we have shared proper links for the app installation. 

How to install lucky patcher apk: 

The method of installation is quite simple if users precisely follow the instructions stated down below: 

  • First, you need to open the lucky patcher installer. 
  • After opening the installer, a dialog box will appear asking the user their consent to download the app. You have to click on ‘Yes’. Lucky-Patcher-Installer-Open
  • After you click on yes, the installer collects all the necessary files that are required for the original app installation on your device. Installation-Preparation
  • Once, the process is set, the user has to alter their phone setting. The user has to click on their setting and then move to security settings. There is an option that says unknown source, enable that. Lucky-Patcher-Installer-Settings
  • Then drag your notification bar and allow the download from this source. Allow-From-Unknown-Source
  • Now, an install option will appear, enable that and wait for a few minutes for the app to download. The application can take a few minutes to download depending upon your internet speed. Lucky-Patcher-Installer-Install-button
  • When the application is done installing, a tick sign will appear to verify that the application is downloaded. Lucky-Patcher-Installer-completed
  • Now, open the Lucky Patcher app and uninstall the LP installer to save space. Uninstall-Lucky-Patcher-Installer

Solve not installed app issue: 

If you face a difficulty in installing the application due to security reasons simply follow the steps mentioned subsequently: 

  • Go to your Google play app and in settings open ‘play protect’ option. Play-Protect
  • There, ‘scan for security threat’ option will appear. Disable that option to allow the download. Play-Protect-Switch-off
  • Lastly, click on the OK button Play-Protect-lastand try to follow the installation procedure all over again. Hopefully, the application will get installed this time. 

What is Lucky Patcher exactly: 

There are many users out there that have a difficulty in downloading the application due to various reasons but the fundamental one is issue with licensing. Not all of us want to spend our hard-earned money on buying apps. Keeping this issue in mind, Lucky Patcher was designed. Apart from that, lucky patcher is an efficient app to restrict ads, modify applications, clear junk space in the app and also it can bypass an app’s licensing without any cost. 

Lucky Patcher features and details 

There are a lot of amazing features in this app that will further motivate you to instantly get hold of this application. Some of the features are: 

  • The annoying ads can be removed instantly. The Lucky Patcher scans all the applications on your phone that contains ads and removes almost every ad instantly to provide the user a seamless experience. 
  • Users can also collect virtual money such as coin and gems to buy things within the app, 
  • The user can download almost any paid application for absolutely free. 
  • Convert the downloaded apps into system applications. 
  • Move any downloaded and modified app to your SD card. 
  • With Lucky patcher, the user can crack any game with ease. 
  • Some applications require your permission, restricting those permissions. 

Removing Ads 

Lucky Patcher gives its users an impeccable opportunity to get rid of all the unnecessary ads that constantly appear and aggravate the users. Just by clicking on the few options the users can get rid of the annoying and frustrated feeling of constantly viewing the ads. 

Getting coins 

Lucky patcher also gives its users an amazing opportunity to collect gems, coins and points that come in handy when the users want to buy things within the app. Now, you do not have to get tricked by greedy app developers while you can still get things from virtual money. 

Using paid apps 

The most blissful feature of this game is the opportunity to download all the paid apps for free. Many students or teenagers wish to access the paid app but their limited resources restrict them from using this application. However, not anymore because once you download Lucky Patcher this concern will be solved.  

Getting paid apps for free 

It is difficult to get through the Google billing, however, Lucky Patcher bypasses the Google billing with ease and licenses the application for you. 

Moving any app 

You can also move any app to the SD card with ease regardless of its modification. Just by clicking a few options here and there your application will be moved to the SD card. You can also convert the downloaded app into a system app and vice versa. 

Retrieve data and backup 

Many of us have been engaged in horrid events where we lose our important data or app without warning. In these situations, we thank the universe for backups. This app allows you to establish strong backups and get files back if you have accidentally deleted it. However, you have to get root access to fully avail the advantages of this application. 

Installation Requirements 

The requirements to install this application are as follows: 

  • In order to install the application, your android phone should be of 2.33 versions or Gingerbread. 
  • For proper functionality the RAM should be of 2 GB. 
  • The internal storage of the phone should be 8 GB for smooth functioning. 
  • Lucky patcher can run on both unrooted and rooted, however, having a root access will make sure that the user is able to avail all the features. 

Permission required for maximum operation 

The permissions required to operate fully are: 

  • The system setting should support modification. 
  • The devices should enable drawing over a variety of apps. 
  • The SD card should permit delete and modify. 
  • The device should give location access for the serving ad.  

Why can’t you download this app through Google play? 

Google play does not often support this application due to one main reason that is ad removal. When you enable ad removal all the ads get restricted from the current app which you are using. This means the app developers are not going to make enough money. Apart from this Lucky Patcher also has tools for cracking. However, users do not have to stress because our official website has an app installer through which you can easily access the app. 

How to use lucky Patcher? 

Mentioned down below are some of the ways to use this application when restricting ads or blocking permission: 

Removing license verification (Automatic mode) 

In order to remove licensing, the users can make use of the automatic mode, however, if automatic mode is not successful there are other auto modes as well. You need an internet connection to make the process faster, otherwise, it will be of low quality. 

Removing license verification (Extreme mode) 

You can use all the templates to remove the ad, when the user is offline there is instability in the process. Screen orientation can help in restricting ads. 

Removing license verification (Manual mode) 

If in any case the inverse auto mode or auto mode is not working, try the manual mode. In manual mode, the application will be scanned to find licensing and then you can patch it yourself. You can click on the patch option after selecting the first object and launch. If you still face hardship undo the process, select the second object and launch then save the custom patch. 

Removing license verification (Selected Pattern) 

If the app is unable to find ads but the application contains ads, choose and apply the template to solve your concern. 

Disable ad activities 

If you face difficulty in doing some task you can disable activity you can select in-app to switch toggle menu. Choose pm disable to remove permission and if you still face difficulty permit it again. 

Change permission (Unstable method) 

This method can be hazardous for your system and make changes in packages.xml files so keep system backup before doing this. 

Change permission and activities (safe method) 

For removing license verification 

  • For licensing always select APK file 
  • Select the software and’ remove license verification’ 
  • After that select auto mode and test with the internet. 
  • If a method fails select inverse auto or auto mode. 
  • App should download successfully, if not remove ODEX with changes and restore. 

For removing Google ads 

  • Select the software and ‘remove Google ad’ option. 
  • After that select’ patch to remove Google ad’ 
  • Have strong internet access and if it still does not work click on ‘Disable AD activities’. 
  • If the ads are still not removed select ‘remove ODEX with changes’ or restore. 

To custom patch 

  •  Select the software and select “Change Permissions” option  
  •  click on the ‘permission for disable’ (Red) 
  •  Click on the ‘permission for enable’ (Green) 
  •  You must reboot 

To change app permission 

  • Select the software and select “Create Modified APK” option 
  •  Select Modification of APK.
    Your modified app will be in the lucky patcher folder.
    Modified app is not similar to the original app. 
  • After patching and continuing with the process you will succeed. 

To create modified APK 

For shopping download version 3 or higher, your purchase will direct towards billing. To use lucky patcher for purchase enable “emulation Google billing” for normal purchase switch it off. 

Shopping options through Lucky patcher 

Method 1: 

Firstly, install lucky patcher then go to tools and patch android. If you fail in the process try Xposed lucky patcher module. When the internet is available run lucky patcher and select the lower plane ‘tool’. Select the correct version and install Google play. Lastly, run a test on modified tools of Google play. 

Method 2: 

Switch “Proxy Server” for first patch Android, after this your purchase will be directed to lucky patcher 


– when proxy is enabled then only Google play will work. 

–Purchasing information is safeguarded through checkpoints. 

-you purchasing opportunity will be switched off once the proxy server is off. 

Method 3: 

The users can use the xposed module if xposed framework is enabled. 


The application of emulation is only possible if patched. In-app and LVL is supported by Google play store. 


  • If originality of the app is checked, it will not be detectable. 
  • Xposed framework has bugs, hence, when switched off your phone needs to be restarted. 

Method 4: 

This application will more effectively target LVL and in-app. If the application is patched then Google play store works. 


  • Due to the in-app hidden code not all applications work. 
  • Purchasing info is not accessible before custom patch vending on Google play. 
  • For target application patch upgrade is needed. 

Window not rooted 

Method 1 

Target patch supports LVL and in-app emulation so delete the original app and try again. 

Method 2 

Switch on ‘Mirror of original In-app of service for emulation of purchases’. Some applications can crash using this option. 

Purchase window options: 

  • Root is not required to obtain older games; hence, root users can avoid sending an unsigned response. 
  • For save to restore purchases, users are required to reboot again. 
  • Through lucky patcher, the same apps are auto purchased. To avoid select ‘delete selected saved purchase’ to auto purchase gold. 

Different color indication in lucky patcher: 

  • Green: apps with good chances to get registered. 
  • Yellow: already directory custom patch for lucky patcher/ SD card 
  • Cyan: Google advertisement script for the app 
  • Purple: Google app purchase contains this app 
  • Red: the app has no chance to get registered 
  • Orange: the app is registered for system and users need to be aware for system damages 
  • Clover: this app is successfully changed by Lucky Patcher 


Google has its reasons for not containing this app, however, official website links are provided to download this application. For any questions, the user can join Lucky Patcher forum to ease concerns. You can watch Chelpus tutorial to know how to use it. If a broken link is discovered, send a quick email.